Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Who am I and what is the guiding force in my life?

What gives meaning to my life?

In what direction am I going and who do I journey with?

What are the practices that will enlarge and encourage my soul?

These are some of the questions people bring to Spiritual Direction.  Physicians and medical professionals provide guidance and insights for physical concerns.  Counselors and therapists offer guidance for emotional concerns.  Spiritual Directors provide professional guidance for the spiritual and soulful aspects of life.   While often rooted in faith traditions, spiritual direction is helpful for all humans – anyone who seeks to live deeply and thoughtfully.

Typical sessions are monthly for about an hour.  Sessions include silent reflection, conversation and exploration of resources.  Persons of all faith and no faith are welcome.  Fee: $65/session

For more information and to schedule an appointment call 574-277-0274.