Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I was diagnosed with depression by my family physician. I wasn’t quite ready to accept it, but he was right. All the symptoms were there. I thought I had accepted it. I thought I had a handle on it until…until I wasn’t able to cope any more. That’s when I started talking to one of the counselors at the Samaritan Center in South Bend. I was able to make an appointment quickly for an initial interview, which began a process of regular counseling to help regain some of myself, emotionally and spiritually. To me that is one of the great benefits of the Samaritan Center. The concern and care I have received is more than clinical. It looks at the whole me in all the roles I play and has helped lead me into greater understanding of myself, my gifts, and my place in the relationship with family, with others, and with God. There is always a greater understanding of grace that can be seen, especially with someone to help make you aware of it. I have found that I can function with this depression and all that comes with it and have an impact on those whom I serve. I hope I’m able to pass on just a little of that grace of understanding and acceptance that’s been such a tremendous benefit to me.


Auna is the BEST! I felt comfortable with her right away, and definitely throughout my therapy.  Thank you Auna! God’s Blessings to you.

When I first decided to make an appointment at Samaritan Center, I was scared of the response I thought I might receive. I was involved in an extremely difficult situation that I had not discussed with anyone. I was worried, among other things, about being judged or criticized for what was occurring in my life. It was quite literally a massive step of faith for me to even enter Samaritan’s doors. When I began talking to my counselor, it quickly became apparent to me that she was not interested in judging me. She listened to my story compassionately and empathetically, and stated that she wanted to help me to seek a healing path for my life. Because of her very Christ-like response to my situation, I have been coming to the Samaritan Center regularly, and have begun to find the healing that I have desperately needed for so many years. Samaritan Center has proven to be an invaluable help to me, as I begin a new journey and a new life. I could not have managed without the support and the mission of Samaritan Center. I know now that God truly was the one who led me through their doors!


I was amazed at how knowledgeable and sensitive my counselor was to my own faith background and teachings as I went through counseling.


Divorce is devastating. A failed reconciliation to save the marriage is equally heartbreaking. So how does one accept and move on when you are the one who never wanted the divorce to begin with and never wanted to see his family destroyed? Well, thank God for the organizations like the Samaritan Center. Through the Samaritan Center I was able to deal with the disappointment and suffering of my divorce. I was able to get beyond my anger, my self-pity and to focus on what is important…my and daughter and getting back to becoming the father that she needed. Thank you Samaritan Center for helping me get through one of the most difficult times in my life.